checkball question 2004R....please help

Procharged GTA

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May 7, 2008
We have a 2004R we are building and have a question about checkball placement (in the case) we are using CK's seperator plate.... and the mods in the valvebody are from the Trango 2004R-HD kit along with CK's new GM bluprinted pump with billet rotor and. 555" boost valve. I contacted Chris and talked to him about it and he said to just use check balls in the 4 "bathtubs" in the case. We originally had 5 in it....the fifth ball was the 3-4 acummulator checkball. Do we only need the 4 balls in the "bathtubs"? If we leave the ball out of the 3-4 acummulator, do we leave the 3-4 acummulator piston and spring in the case,or just leave it all out? I ask chris this..and he said it didn't matter if you leave it in or take it out...but not sure if he understood what I was talking about. What we were worried about leaving it out...thinking maybe it would cause pressure loss without the piston and spring being in there. What do we do with this thing? I would really appreciate the help!! Thanks!! :) here are specs on the transmission......

CK's new GM blueprinted pump with billet rotor and. 555" boost valve.

Transgo Reprogramming kit,but using CK's new seperator plate for Dual Feeding

Upgraded to 3 clutches Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolenes in O.D.

CK's Billet input shaft with solid teflon rings

Dual Fed Direct Drum with 6 Alto Red Eagles and Kolenes,and .060" bleed hole drilled,and all 16 spings installed

Alto Red Eagle Wide Band,and Billet Band Anchor

Superior Billet Servo(with cushion spring retained)

Ck's Billet Forward Drum with Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolenes,and solid teflon rings

Rear Planet lube hole drilled to .125"

Drilled .060" bleed hole Low/Reverse clutch housing,and used 2 spring washers on top of each other,Alto Red Eagle clutches with Kolenes

Governer has a TCI lightweight spring in it

1/2 Accumulator blocked with 1/4" checkball,left out piston and spring assembly,(recommened by Ck's manual for 400hp or more engines)

3/4 Accumulator,we used a spacer that stiffens the spring,it is not deleted

All valve body mods was done using the Transgo kit,and also removed the 2-1 kickdown cup plug from the valve body,as stated in Ck's manual

Thanks!! Brian