Checkball Question


I recently installed an Art Carr converter in my car and removed the checkball in the input shaft. I am now putting my restalled D5 back in (going to tamer combination) and was wondering if it would be a big deal to leave this out or is it something that must be in there?

Are you also changing the front pump? If you leave the non lock valves in the pump, the car will stall as soon as u put it in gear. The Art Carr valve is a little more involved to return to stock, than a Gil Younger valve. The Art Carr has an allen screw, requiring pump dissassembly.;)
I put the Trans-Go n/l valve in. I assume I just have to take it out and put the stock lock-up valve back in. Is a firm converter lockup anything I should be concerned about?

Thanks again,
The lock up will definitaly apply harsher, many tranny's are built that way. It's really a personal judgement call. Some like it, some don't. Swap the stock valve back in the TCC hole, and go for a road test. :cool: