Chicago Auto show


ya, the Monte over there.
Sep 11, 2001
Made a big run today from Green Bay to Chicago to go to the Auto show, and it didnt cost me a penny! I went for school with my auto body class, and the technicians we took 2 coach buses.

I would highly reccomend anyone going to this show, very cool. and lots of free stuff. Some of the concept cars are unreal, you guys would have liked it, lots of turbos on the new motors they had on display, lots of chrome too.....

I went last weekend with a group from our home town. I used to go to that show every year when I was a kid. Saw my first '87 GN there in 1987. :D Hook.....line....and sinker baby!

I love the Chitown Auto Show and McCormick Place is a very nice facility. I recommend it as well.
Any one that wants a free parking pass let me know I have 2 or 3 left and if you want to stop by and pick them up before the show I live about 20 min. from McCormick Place.
Parking will be scarce...

There are three - possibly four - big ticket shows going on at McCormick Place this weekend. The Auto Show, the Motorcycle Show and the Dog Show. I heard a rumor about the Corvette Show also? Turbojitsu - would you know? Anyway, they're recommending that folks try to take public transportation. So just a warning - parking will be a problem!

Have fun!