chip for 87 ecm and this combo? who burns the best?


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Jun 16, 2001
Ok well hopefully the mods will show up in the sig, Well I recently got my Dads 85 GN running and I'm gonna make it right. It runs ok but I know its got a lot of potential and it is tuned in but some components aren't right. The MAF won't peg past 149 and theres not a real boost gauge so I am reluctant to step on it anymore. I want to upgrade to 87 ECM, (have that) and I know to make a MAT sensor for it. My question is who makes the best chips for the 85- 87 conversion , and I am getting a 3" lt1 MAF with translator. I'm also going to get a 160 thermostat(not one in there) tranny cooler, poly mount, and a walbro 340, and hot wire it. How do ya'll think it should run. It is a freakin peg leg , but most of the Ls1s wanna go from a roll anyways. Any suggestions for what chip maker to go with would be great.

i would like to know the same thing, im going to be going to a 87 ecm in the next moth or so, so anyone what chip ?

I run a Thrasher chip in my 85 with Blue Tops and the car pulls the hardest it has ever pulled. I have a 9" cone filter and don't use a MAT sensor. I have a 2200 ohm resistor in the terminal at the computer to ground and the computer thinks the air temp is at 74 degrees. My 85 maf pegs at 255 no problem and I have no rich problems. I am heading to the track in March to get some times better than my previously best of 14.136@106...hopefully. Some people have told me this would never work...IT DOES. There are two of us here that don't run the 87 maf and no problems. : )
I have been talking to Red Armstrong and he seems real knowledgable. I believe it was Lee Thompson that recommended him if I remember right. I just got my 87 ecm and need to get my chip ordered.
Lee Thompson does go through Red Armstrong for his chips, that is correct. I use Red armstrong you just explain to John (who usually answers) what you want and go from there.