Chips for sale (Turbotweak, Jay Carter, PTE) and AFPR


I have a few chips and and an AFPR that I have no use for:

1. Turbotweak chip for stock injectors and 94 octane. I have all the documentation and the receipt. This really woke my car up. $45 OBO shipped.

2. Jay Carter chip for stock injectors and 92-93 octane. This chip worked great too. $30 OBO shipped.

3. PTE race chip for 55's. This came with my car and was burned for the previous owner's old mods. The car had 55's, PT53, and an Eastern front mount. $30 OBO shipped.

4. Jim Testa street chip. I don't know much about this chip. Again, it was used by the previous owner. The decal on the back says "Street, no codes, 52#, and anti-theft". $25 OBO shipped.

5. Used Holley AFPR. This worked great but i'm looking for a billet one. It looks like the factory AFPR and works perfectly. It has roughly 5,000 miles on it. Also includes install instructions. $55 OBO shipped.

Pics available for all parts.

Sorry, it's already past that on Ebay. I would have sold it to you 2 days ago if you'd seen this earlier. I wasn't quick enough with the bump :redface:
I know what you mean.:)

On ebay you can get PAID on GN parts.Good that you offered it up to your Buick brothers first:cool:

Good luck with the sales!!