chrome headlight bezels,grill,taillights


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Jan 8, 2006
OK fellow packrats-looking for 1987 Regal chrome trim pieces. My car is a '87 T/R with no blackout stuff-until the previous owner went to town on it with Krylon! Looking for nice headlight bezels,grill and poss taillight assys. I'm not sure if you can replace just the bezels on the taillights or not-anyone know for sure? Upper door window reveal trim would be a bonus too. Thanks!
I have new bezels & marker lights. May have some pretty nice chrome tail light trims just need to verify.

I actually have some of the chrome parts you may be looking for...
I have an 85 Regal limited that I am taking apart. I have the Tail lights, some body chrome and possibly the headlight bezels... email me and I will explain more