Chromoly cross member


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Sep 18, 2007
Thought i might share with you boys. This is my chromoly cross member i built for the GN. It has a turbo 400, 3.5" driveshaft and 3.5" single exhaust. Everything clears. It bolts directly to the frame without those rubber isolators. The only isolator is a Energy Suspension Transmission mount.

Hope you like it.


Oh and for the wiehgt concious, it is 5lbs lighter than the stock one.


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No, no photos of me fabbing it together, but i will tell you that there was a lot of jigsawwing involved in cutting out the plates and the tube was bent with a pro tools 109 bender.
Have u noticed any differences in the cars handling ,throttle response,shifting those types of things? Thinking about doing this myself.I always thought that the stock trannies mount with the arm on it would act like a lever poss causing less the optimal shift firmness and throttle response nevermind the crossmember being solid mounted will act like an additional frame brace. I don't know.....joel
When making this cross member i didn't have any of this in mind to tell you the truth, i did it for three reasons mainly,
1) i didn't want to buy the HR coversion mount,
2) my 3.5"exhaust wouldn't fit the way i anted it to,
3) i wanted to save the weight over the clunky factory one.,

I am sure it will add a little more rigidity to the car, but it is not in the most optimal place if that is your only reasoning for building one yourself.

Plus i think it looks pretty bad-a$$


I just wish i have photos of all the other stuff i have made for the car so i could contribute more to this section.

So far i have made a fuel cell, countless fuelpump and fuel filter brackets, custom radiator shroud. lots of firewall mods, the list goes on. One day i'll take photos.