CK parts/rebuilt double hit 1-2 shift?


The Reaper
Jun 12, 2001
Had a local rebuilder put customer provided CK Performance rebuild kit/upgrades into a BRF..

PTC converter..

Part throttle 1-2 crisp .. good. 2-3 fine 3/4 fine. No burt smell or dark fluid.

Fluid is full.

WOT at times hits... let's off.. hit's and then is in 2nd. :confused:

Tried all kinds of TV Cable settings. Too loose seems to slide into gear and

full TV get's this double hit before it decides to fully engauge.

Pulled the side cover off yesterday and replaced the seals. none were tore up.

Any Ideas?

Have the builder check line pressure on 1/2 upshift during malfunction.What data is gathered here will tell you what needs to be checked.
I'll have to see what he has avalible for a gauge.

What pressure are we looking for?

I don't feel the TC locking in 2nd. It is a lock up converter.

The damn tires spin so much it's a real pain. No matter how easy I try to get into it they just go up in smoke.
It will leave black marks.. then skip about 5ft then a small 3-4ft patch then miss a spot then black into 2nd for good.
So there's kind of a pattern when it does it.
Other times it just bangs second and keeps on going.
I'm going to have to throw my slicks on it because I'm tired of beating around the bush going WOT.
Thanks for the input guy's!