CLAIMED!! Free to Good Home - U pay shipping - Fuel Vapor Cannister


Item CLAIMED!! I replaced this Rochester evaporative fuel vapor canister on my '87 GN with a NOS one, so I no longer need this one ... It has 100,000+ miles on it, but it doesn't cause any issues on my smog tests, and doesn't smell gassy ... I'm pretty sure the solenoid works as well, although I had to re-use the small sealing o-ring on the nipple that sticks into the top of the canister. The single factory mounting clip is also included. I'm offering this up for free, you just pay the shipping from zip code 94582 (Northern California). Package is 10" X 5" X 6", and weighs 2lbs 3oz if you'd like to estimate shipping yourself ... I'll likely use UPS to send the part ... Thanks for looking!
John A, Turbohh

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