Used Upper Dash Speaker Cover - Free - U Pay shipping!


Jul 9, 2001
I thought someone could use this upper dash speaker cover ... It's in good condition other than it has a small crack near the driver side radio grill, and its got the usual warpage in the center and at the ends by the B pillars. Also, the windshield beveled edge has black windshield sealant along the bottom edge. I resprayed it with SEM dye before I installed it a long time ago. The grey is close to GN colors, but not perfect. Clean this up, and respray it with Kirbans or the color of your choice. Maybe some of you racers could use this as is to replace your even-worse cover ... Anyway, it's free, all I ask is you pay the shipping ... You can do your own shipping cost homework, as I'll be shipping from zip code 94583, and the box is 59" X 4" X 8.5, and weighs 3lbs 8 ounces. I've boxed the part up for safe shipment, so it's ready to go. I prefer to use FedEx, but can do UPS if you prefer. First one to PM that they want it gets it ... I'm happy to give shipping quotes, for which I'll use FedEx, but you can get an idea for yourself using the shipping info I've provided ... Thanks for looking!
John A, Turbohh

Forgot to mention, I live in locked down California, so I'll do the best I can to get the part to shipper as soon as possible. I'm getting deliveries to my house from FedEx and UPS this week still, but who knows what next week will bring, LOL ... Stay well everyone!
John A, Turbohh