Clamp For EGT Thermocouple?


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Where can I get one? If it matters, it's for an SMC-supplied thermocouple, but Steve is out of the EGT business.


I know this isn't the answer you wanted but I went through the same thing about a year ago and couldn't find a clamp like the SMC one anywhere...I also had the SMC EGT setup...I opted to go with Jason Cramers probe setup which uses the stock O2 bung...had to relocate my O2 sensor to the downpipe but I have a wideband now so it worked out fine...the setup using the stock O2 bung is much stronger...the SMC clamp...although it worked fine was pretty probe kept coming loose and I always cringed every time I had to tighten the compression nut on the SMC clamp...well I finally broke it while trying to snug the nut...