Classical Torque converter question


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I was wondering who everyone recommends for torque converters, also a recommended stall for my set up, its a pt52 50lbs-ers, walbro 340, RJC power plate and soon to be 3inch DP and alky. Motors unopened and I dont plan on it as long as the buick gods dont throw bad news at me! I'm considering hughes, and Pats Performance any experiance with either one of these? Or even good experiance and pricing from someone else?
I would not go with Hughes, I've got a Hughes in my old 85 GN that I had to have another rebuilder fix. Hughes wanted more than what I paid for it to fix it. Poor customer service. The builder who rebuilt it found one of the blades off the stator broke off and was wedging itself inside and causing me low/no problems. Works better than new since rebuild.
I run a CK Performance 9x11 3600 and couldn't be happier. I paid $575

Perfectly streetable. Great on the highway.

I have a PT52 and I drive it all the time in the city and on the highway.

My setup is similar to yours.