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My dad told me all the diff ways to describe noise to mechanics so I wouldnt look stupid, but I forgot them, so I'll just describe the best I can. I have 57000 miles on my car. It has seen many 6000rpm revs(prev owner) w/ everything stock internally. It has Poston headers and downpipe. when I'm just idling/cruizing its not very loud, but when I accelerate, the clatter gets real noisy. I think it might be worn out valve springs, but could it be just noisy headers...I've checked for exhaust leaks thouoghly.
Are you sure it's valve noise? Use a long screwdriver and "hear" around by putting your ear to the handle. I'd check the cam sensor, mine makes a TON of noise.
is it loud or quiet?

i had a squeak under acceleration that was coming from the intercooler bracket that drove me nuts, its in the lower bracket that mounts up to the block. wiggle the ic around and see if it makes any noice. just a thought.

also where does it sound like its coming from?
I can tell you right now its not the ic's lower braket...mine's broken! I got under there to undo that bolt when cleaning ic, but it had broken at the seam up under the ic.:eek: but oh still has 3 more bolts to keep it in place:rolleyes:
How would I go about checking the cam sensor?
Really? screwdriver...that's cool...good idea too...I think I'll try to find our car stethiscope first.
If it's the cam sensor, then YOU'LL KNOW IT when you put the stethiscope on it. Us poor boys in the south use a long screwdriver in the ear with plenty of grease ;) . Mine makes so much racket, the rest of the motor sounds like it aint even runnin'. I'm expecting a replacement today :cool: .
Can you isolate it to a side or general location? I fought a odd noise for what seemed forever out of the DS of my TTA, I know it can be a pain. I used a mechanics stethscope (however it is spelled) fron Napa to kind of pin point it. I could get the noise off of the backside of the PS pump, which I blamed till I could eliminate it as the cause. My case turned out to be a bad seal on the DS header to the head. The leak was reverberating up the bracket to the back side of the accessories on the drivers side of the motor. It drove me nuts. This was more of a growel, not a clank. Kind of like a bearing wearing out.

It's real hard to isolate because it is pretty quiet until I accelerate...when I let of the gas I cant even hear it. At idle and cruising its pretty hard to hear, but its there. I've been told it sounds like an exhaust leak, but I've checked pretty thouroghly for leaks. I've also been told that "its just the sound of headers" I've also been told that with my slightly rough idle and that noise that "I sound like a drag car." Also, where is the cam sensor because I dont know what it is exactly.