Clear Taillights


"lord be with me"
Jul 12, 2001
Hate to piss people off but id like to see them on a Gn and id also like to see a new style for front light bezals and grill design

Johnny Montoya

Hey to each his own
Check out my site for what front clears look like on a Regal.

I have to agree that rears might not look to good.

Wouldn't mind seeing what they look like though.........

Have a nice day !
So do you make the side markers and sell them or was that something you did for yourself? Also i can get the clear bumpers from GM? Thanks It really looks awsome...
I made them for myself, they weren't hard to do, about 1/2 Hr per side.

The bumper lights are from GM, look for a 82 or so, they all had clears.

Hope that helps
Me myself, I'd like to find either a pair of tailights that are made up like the '89 Lesabre T-type taillights or clear. They'd look pretty cool on my 87 TR. If anyone knows if these products exist let me in on who makes them.