Close Call...


60% of the time, it works every time.
Feb 21, 2007
So I went home today in my break between classes (I'm in college) and figured since it was nice I would switch cars and take my GN out for a bit and go to my last class. On the way over I noticed a guy in a beat up Ford Tempo really riding my bumper and swerving all over the place, I assumed he was drunk. I hit a red light with him right behind me and he didn't look like he was going to slow down in time, so I moved up like 10 feet, which actually did keep him from hitting me! Now I was determined to get away from this nutjob, so I punched it when the light went green to get some cars and distance between us. I hit another light way down the road and was first in the right hand lane. Next to me was a guy in a new Maxima, and going the other way was a cop about 2 cars in from the front. No sooner do I see the cop than I look up in my rear view mirror and see the guy about 20 feet from my car literally doing like 30-40 mph, in my lane and swerving towards the middle of both lanes! My light was still red but I punched it again to get over onto the shoulder and the guy in the Maxima moved as far as he could to the left and guy came barreling between us! He missed my car by a foot or so and the cop threw the lights and got him immediately thank god. Thankfully the car, myself, and everyone else on the road are safe from this guy now!! Anyone else have any close calls like this?
Damn Mike.......No wonder ya don't see many TR's anymore. I always thought it was because they(TR owners) were just saving them for the next guy!!;) I've also had a few close calls and it just goes to show that you REALLY need to keep an eye out for these idiots. Good job saving your car!!................Ken B.,
I consider it my civic duty to turn in any driver that appears impaired. You did good by allowing a cushin of manuverability for your car. Similar incidents has happened to me several times.
Not that it happened to me, but, I always look in my rear view mirror at a stop to make sure the person behind me stops.
If that would have happened to me, I would have beat the living $*** out of him after draggin his @** out of the car.:mad: He would be too drunk to remember me, or what happened anyway ............. :cool:
Glad to hear nothing happened.
I've been rear ended so hard years ago, it totaled my 5.0 t-bird at the time. now, i always look behind me,its habit.
good job on avoiding that idiot and saving another TB.
I've always been pretty cautious and always look around alot too, guess it definetly payed off! I'm just glad nobody got hurt or anything and that idiot is off the road now. Glad the cop was there at the perfect time too! I'm very happy the car's ok too:)
Always keep an escape route open for just such an occasion. My father taught me that while teaching me to drive and it has proved to be the best advice he has given me when it comes to driving.

People, impaired or not, are just plain stupid when they get behind the wheel. It seems when they are driving the last thing on their minds is actually driving. They play with the radio, talk on the phone, have in depth conversations with passengers while talking with their hands and looking at the person rather than the road. They read, do makeup, fix their hair, you name it, its been done on the road.

My Buick is on the street less and less and hasnt been in a parking lot (save for a car show) in years. I see the smudges, dimples, scratches, etc on my Grand Prix just from daily driving and parking in lots around other people. I spend a lot of money on my Buick and after the fender was caved in from a soccer mom that "didnt see me there" I just leave it at home now and only take it out to race (at the track), go to shows, or go cruising when I know I wont be leaving it alone.

Kind of sad really, I treat this car like a kid.