Cobra didn't want any


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May 26, 2001
Is a kill still a kill when your "oppenent" chickens out?

I was coming home from picking up some eats with a buddy of mine. He hasn't been in the GN since all my mods, so I was anxious to show him how it's all working.

I roll up to a light and check the rear view. There's a '96-98 Mustang behind me (judging by the headlights, and the tail lights which I got to see when he rolled up next to me). No fogs, so I figured it was a 6. I left the light a little hard, nothing spectacular, checked the rear view and he's still there. Odd, but I didn't think much of it.

The road opens up to a 4-lane highway separated by a median (no oncoming traffic) and I catch a light with no one next to me. This was this guy's opportunity to tuck in behind me if he didn't want to play. Again, checking the rear view, I see him come around. It's a Cobra! Since I don't get out with the GN much, pulling up next to something even a little quick is really rare. I was psyched.

Now this is weird. This guy puts his window down and is looking over, kind of craning his neck like he's listening for something. I don't know what he was doing.

Light turns green, and I waited a split second to see what he was going to do. He nailed it, so I figured I should too. As soon as I did, he backed off. I went by him with the tires spinning.

I guess I'm cool with people that don't want to "race" (I don't really consider a 0-60 contest a "race"), but if you want to pose buy a V6. The people who you're trying to impress won't know the difference and the people who do know the difference won't bother with you. This guy was young, not like some older guy out driving his babied Cobra. It was dirty, clearly driven a lot.

I was really disappointed, but maybe it's best. My buddy weighs 300 lbs and my car hasn't been running 100% lately anyway. I might've gotten my ass kicked.................yeah, right :)

Originally posted by Kyle F
a Cobra has fog lights.

Since he was in my rear view, at night, all I could see was headlights - no fogs. He didn't have 'em on. So I ASSumed it was a V6. Once he got beside me, the worm on the fender, slotted rims, SVT badge, and nostrils on the hood gave him away.

Nice almost kill...

Once he saw that you were driving a GN and not a Monte Carlo or Olds 442, the Slobra owner most likely got scared knowing he'd get his V8 ass handed to him by a V6 regal... It's happened to me before and I can see why they wouldn't want to race... This way they can see that they haven't been beaten by a GN, cause they haven't raced one:D Trust me on that one cause several of my friends own rustangs and they all tell me they don't want any cause it would hurt their feelings to lose to a little V6:cool:
Yeah, I've heard a lot of "I've never lost to a GN!" bragging. Well guess what, I've never lost to a Viper, a Bugatti EB 110, or a Diablo either. Guess why... :D
I'm sure the guy was listening for a turbo, if he was "in the know" about cars.
It was probably the high performance muffler bearings that scared him away. These are really important at getting the exhaust out on our cars!:D