Coil on plug oddfire help


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Feb 1, 2004
Hi I´m working on a 4.3 90 degree V6 oddfire engine for my Syclone. But I´m totally lost on oddfire. I want to go with coil on plug, and of course I need all the help I can get to get it to work. I have limited help here in Sweden. I´m running fast XFI. I can get XIM locally, and I have oddfire distributor if that is a better way to go? I don´t have any clue to get everything to work with coil on plug. First of all the crank trigger wheel spacing for oddfire v6? I´m using msd universal, ( MSD 8655) so I have 6 magnets spare. If somebody is willing to help me, I would really appriciate it. Thanks from V6 friend in Sweden. ;)
I can get you going. You need an even fire trigger, special odd fire XIM firmware, and the crank and cam sensors setup

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