coil pack ohms readings

tom j

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Aug 15, 2004
I'm reading knock anything over 3000rpm's this suddenly started also rough starting backfire ect....
I get knock while in park just revving it up
I ran the car to warm it up to get some ohm readings off the coil pack

Do you thinks its bad I know its not between 11-13K
Hows the oil pressure? Knock retard in park while revving it isnt good.

Change any parts here lately? IE downpipe?

When the coil pack or module goes out, it makes the car missfire or backfire real bad under a load, ive never seen a bad coil pack or module make the car registure knock retard in neutral or park.

How high are you revving the engine?

Is there any other abnormal valvetrain clatter or a rod knock issue?

Just trying to help

I have been dealing with the same thing. Knock in park. At 10lbs it was cuting out badly, knock, etc. My coil readings were 0 21 0. I am suprised it ran. Changed the coil pack but was blowing the ccci fuse within seconds of starting. I have a new ignition module coming in on Tuesday. I will let you know if it fixes it. Gearhead has a special on coils $35. I am going to buy a spare to replace my spare lol. They also have the best price on an acdelco ignition module.
Well I replaced the coil pack and it still showed knock on the guage, but when I took it for a ride it showed knock on the low end but not on the high end. I believe it's nothing in the motor ect... A fellow board member gave me an hand he could atest to this strange thing going on. The car ran to well for it to be true knock. I'm sure he will chime in if he reads this post. Any more Ideas?