Cold Air Intake (any problems with rain, etc?)


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Sep 29, 2005
Curious if anyone runs a cold air intake just for city cruising. I ordered one back before winter hit, but since a few people talked my ear off about how the filter could get wet and cause problems, etc etc, I just let it sit around and then the weather turned cold. :rolleyes:

But now I'm sick of the box of parts at the foot of my bed, and I'd like to install it again. Does anyone have any problems with the filter getting wet? I think the setup from still keeps it WELL away from the ground, but apparently the people I talk to are convinced rain drops or snow flakes can go under the front air dams and magically change direction and travel 6 inches upward into the air filter behind the headlights. :rolleyes:

Any opinions on it? I do have my car out in the rain sometimes, but never during a bad snow storm or anything like that.
my car has been in the rain and no problems.
Got two of them on daily drivers.

One car goes about 9K a year the other about 3K.

Dirt is more of a problem than rain and snow because I drive one all winter.

I wash mine about every 3-4 months.

It doesn't look like that picture above either. :p

I think the new filter changes will be down to about 3 years from about 8 for one stuck on the MAF and serviced properly.

Just my .02.
Alright, sounds good, I guess I'll make it my project for this weekend. Thanks for the information.
mybuick said:
my car has been in the rain and no problems.

Are you kidding me? You gotta be sucking copious amounts of water with that hanging down 6". That thing looks one day old. How long have you had it?
Got to jump in on this thread! MYBUICK, don't know why you have the filter hanging so far below the front air dam, not sure if you have one of my kits or not but the filter should be even with the front air dam and the filter should not show.

Salvage probably has more miles on my kit than anyone else!

I did a real world rain test years ago when I got caught in a monsoon coming back from the Turbo Regal show that used to be held in PA. Followed the storm home all the way to CT (about a 5 hour drive) Roads were flooding and was a pretty scary drive home. Did not experience any problems whatsoever, filter was obviously damp but the car didn't miss a bit. As long as you don't submerge the filter you won't have any problems.
I have drivin mine in some downpours over the years. I have decided to not drive the car in the rain unless I have no other choice.