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Jun 13, 2010
Picked up a non running project from a semi local guy. The car has been sitting for years, seller stated he was driving it and it just died. He got tired of throwing money at it and decided to sell. My friend and I simply asked, how much if we bring a trailer and don't ask you a bunch of questions. He shot out a number and we accepted. Here's a few pics, wow, what a mess of wiring. Fella loved butt connectors. Took a few days but we ran down probably the worse of the worse no start conditions. Everything was a problem, the car failed the very first no start test. The check engine light would not respond.

I'll make a long story short.
2 broken ECU wires under dash, yes, butt connectors.
Aftermarket ign coil with caspers cam sensor cap = problem
Bad coil
Bad crank sensor
plugged fuel injectors
Green corroded connections at ign module and pretty much everywhere
And the standard plugs, wires, oil, filter, trans flush, valve springs, big order from Full Throttle etc etc.
Toilet plumbing for cold air intake
We also picked up a turbo dash cluster for '78 and some T-Type wheels.

Here's a couple of pics and a short video, if this works. Pics are out of order, but as you can see on my scanner, no codes present!

There's still a lot of wire soldering and clean up to do, but it's turning out nice. A friend stopped by my shop and wants to buy it. Going to be tough to sell, I live it!


And the video of start up

I had no idea GM used aluminum body panels. The trunk lid is aluminum, kind of cool.
Was that car originally from the willowick / Willoughby area? I think the guy went into the military or something like that. If it's the car I'm thinking of I did the transmission in that car probably 15 years ago. Same color interior and exterior.
Yea, that's it. Rides great, runs great, well now. I need to ask you a few questions about trans. Care if I PM you?
Yeah sure. But there really was nothing fancy about it. Just a stock rebuild at that time I didn't know much about strengthening them. And I reused the converter that was in it. It was a quick car. I forget the guy that did the swap he had a shop on brookpark road west side of Cleveland if I remember correctly. The business card was in the glove box with a pic of a Gn on it. The guy you bought it from I believe his grandfather bought it new.
OK never mind, the trans slips, but shifts nice and hard. I believe the trans cable isn't set properly. Hoping anyway.
I had no idea GM used aluminum body panels. The trunk lid is aluminum, kind of cool.
Yes and some of the 78's had aluminum hoods also , i had one with both, might have been a Canadian model with the hood.