Competition Products Valve Springs

Used for about 500 miles at most. $100 dollars plus shipping.

Competition Products Ultimate 1.250" Dia. Race Package w/Zero Tolerance Electro Polished Springs Part # 98215
The ultimate 1.250" race kit for flat tappet cams. Features Howards .600" max. lift Drop-In Racings Springs. Install height is 1.800", with 120 lbs. of seat pressure and 375 lbs. open. Includes #98215 "Pro-Alloy" springs, #3250 chrome moly retainers and #4232 11/32" single groove valve locks.

Here are the specs from them when installed on my heads.

valve spring installed height (int./exh.)-1.78"/1.78"
valve spring seat pressure (int./exh.)-125#/125#
valve spring open pressure (int./exh.)-325#/315#

I can post pics if anyone is interested