Complete lower/upper intake & replacement TTA SG1 shortblock & more


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Jul 4, 2001
The intake is a Champion lower vintage 1998 when they were still hand ported. Comes complete with fuel rail, fuel reg, 55lb Siemans injectors, 70mm TB, Hemco upper plenum ready to install. $700 shipped

This GM "replacement" SG1 TTA shorblock was one of the last 7 remaining at the time offered in the Turbo Buick News letter "The Source" magazine out of Pennsylvania back in 1998.
The shortblock has 3172 miles on it and is complete with balancer, a 208/208 cam, HV timing cover, cam sensor, turbo saver oiling set up, and oil pan. The cylinders are in excellent condition. It had 25psi oil pressure hot. It has never seen over 21 psi boost. Compression in TB application is right about 7.5 to 1. Price is $3250.
This is an original GM assembled piece, once again one of the last handful ever offered.

Comp 218/212 hydraulic roller cam, lifters, timing set. Used, low miles. $525 shipped. Or, will include this for $300 with the purchase on the above shortblock.

Good condition 3 bolt stainless ATR headers, with clamps and crossover. $600shipped.

Also have a TE-63-1 turbo with approx 1100 since being freshened with a hi boost actuator. This is not the typical unit, as it was rated at 715HP due to the larger Garrett cover. 3in inlet, 2 1/2 outlet. Always used with a turbo saver. $600 shipped

PP accepted with the 3% fee included.

Thank you, Brian