Complete motor and transmission fs


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Sep 30, 2013
Ok guys first off let me say this , i dont reallly want to sell the motor but i am wanting to make a 1000 + hp and its gonna be cheaper for me to go turbo ls than build a stage motor or a ta motor. Here is everything that you get with the motor. .
109 block
30 over trw forged pistons 8.5
Stock rods with arp bolts
Stock crankshaft
Billet main caps
Stock oil pan
206 billet roller cam
Roller lifters
Champion Gn1 aluminum heads ported , new pac 1201 valve springs, arp head bolts.
T&D 1.65 rockers
Stock intake ported
72 lb injectors
62mm tb
Stock headers with 2 turbonetics wastegates on crossover
Terry houston 3 inch downpipe and 3 inch cutout.
Limit Enginering Te45a turbo with precision. 63 ar housing.
Alky control dual nozzle kit. Bought new 3 years ago comes with pump, lines, controller, etc also comes alky tester.
Eastern frount mount intercooler with all 2.5 piping.
Hr parts motor mounts
Coil pack and ignition module
Alternator , water pump ,acessories.
Stock balancer and flywheel
Fast xfi 2.05 with internal datalogger ,casper adapter harness and 3 bar map.
Fast edash
Complete running motor ready to drop into your turbobuick.

Oil pressure at cold start is 75 - 80 psi and fully warmed in 1st gear is 20 psi.

Motor has around 10,000 miles and was built about 15 years ago. Car sat for a while thats why motor has low miles. Motor was built by Rons custom auto in NJ.

Asking 9000 for everything listed above.

Basically you are getting a complete motor pullout from my car with xfi , alky , etc.

Xfi is tuned by Cal hartline dynoed 560 rwhp @ 26 Also ran 10.27 @ 133 on 29#s 1.55 60 ft on single nozzle alky

Now for the transmission

Dave Husek pro plus build with all billet parts , hughes deep sump pan , daves husek 9.5 3521 nl converter. Trans and converter were built about a year ago and have less than 100 miles on them. I paid over 4000 for trans and converter. You can go on daves website to see all the parts that goes into the transmission
Price is 3000.

Package deal for someone buying both is 10,000

Get yourself a proven low 10 combo. I believ 9s are possible with a better 60 ft.

Motor and trans is still in car and can demo.
Located in Yonkers, NY ( Local pick up only for now ) prefer not to ship yet. Thanks

Pm me for pictures of motor i cant upload them for some reason.
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I came to my senses and am not gonna part out the drivetrain. I rather sell the whole car and let someone else enjoy the car for what it is and start with a mustang and ls turbo swap that. For what i want to do it only mkes sense to start with the lightest car possible.
What is the motor and tranny in ? I'm looking for a T Type if that is what you have , Thanks Keith