Complete Vacuum Brake set up


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ALL the components needed to convert your GN to power vacuum brakes.

10.75 Dual diaphragm booster, matching reman. master, filter, hoses, and new vacuum block for top of intake. (vacuum block not shown as it's still on my car, but will come off this weekend)

These parts have been on my car since November 2014, but booster was replaced in August of 2016.

Parts located in CA.

Parts new would cost you $180 + cores at your local autoparts stores and you'd have to mail order the vacuum block which is $45 and shipping.

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You got to post a price! Does this setup come with the brake pedal too?

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Sorry about that Trick6, i wondered if "best offer" would count as a price. I'll edit to add price.

It does not come with the pedal, as i simply modified my existing pedal by adding a post to it. I'll try to find the post and link it here also.

No, sorry. but if you're not too far away, and have a business to ship to it wont be that much. I'd be under $25,... depending...
I'm me..shipped to my bodyshop..pintos kustoms and Collision"by prodaddy " 57 east airline drive rosewood heights, il 62024
Still available...
email is probably best. Looks like i missed these last couple posts. (sorry guys)