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I am running windows XP and when I right click on the task bar and click on task manager the window opens for 1/2 a second and then shows up in the task bar as a little green box. When I point on the green box it just disappears as soon as I touch it. I tried holding down ctrl/alt/del and just a bunch of those green boxes show up in my task bar. Any idea why it does this or how to stop it? I just want to check out my task manager.
are you talking about when you press control alt delete, you see a little green box that pops up in the left corner near the clock and whatever other active programs you have in there? thats just an icon for windows task manager that shows CPU usage, the brighter green it is, the more CPU Usage you see, you can also see a chart of this if you go to the 'performacne' tab...

is that what your talking about?
Vendor, The problem is I can't open the task manager. When I right click on the task bar and then click on task manager to open it, the task manager window opens for about a second and then closes into that little green box by the clock. When I point on the little green box with the mouse pointer the green box dissapears instantly. No matter what I try it will not let me open the task manager window. If I try to open it by holding ctrl/alt/del it does the same thing.
this may help also, If you have the file WUAUMQR.EXE, or an equivalent, and it is running, you won't be able to open your task manager / regedit / msconfig. If you don't wish to restart into safe mode before fiddling about with the machine, download a third-party process viewer app for your flavor of windows. You can find one or two at Install it and run it. Find the WUAUMQR.EXE process and kill it. Your task manager will now work, as well as regedit and msconfig. Now go about getting rid of the damn file (probably living in /WINDOWS/system32).
3Mta3 I did what you said and downloaded a process viewer found the problem and fixed it, thanks for the help and thanks to everyone who replied.