Concert Surround


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Jun 28, 2003
I am hooking up the stock am/fm/cassette/eq radio in my car. I have four sets of speaker wire but six speakers to hook up. Am I an idiot on not being able to figure this out?

It is an 87GN with Concert Surround II option.

Any suggestions would be great.
On my stock radio in back theres a Y adaptor so you can plug the rest of the speakers. Maybe your missing this piece ?
Thanks for the information. Could you please be more descriptive on the Y adapter? Maybe my radio has it and I am not recognizing it.
Its a short harness that plugs into the speaker port ( in back of the radio)for the front speakers , On the other end it has ( if i remember correctly) three avalable ports for plugging in the door speakers and the upper dash speakers.
just connect the respective (door/dash) left and right speakers together. It'll be fine
Now the speakers don't work at all. The display works fine, power antenna works, and the memory works but now the speakers are not working.
how did you hook it up?
you should have these colors from the front speakers:

2 dark green
2 light green

2 tan
2 grey

these are the front door/dash speaker wires. hook the corresponding colors together (dark green/dark green to the dark green at the radio harness - light green/light green to the light green of the radio harness etc....)

If you hook it up this way and the radio still does not work, you have a bad radio.