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Jul 31, 2001
YouTube - TwinTurbo LSx on the Dyno

Found this on the bullet.

Funny on the first pull they had issues making power, they claimed condensation inside the IC. So the question that pops up.. wont this in a way prove the issues with water injection.. meaning to much water will cuase power making harder.

One more strike against using water.. especially pre-IC.

Back under my rock..

PS.. my track here in Florida closed yesterday due to cold weather :mad: Anything below 59.. they're done :eek:
you see the water coming out of the Throttle body area. Then the blow off :eek:
I think the only thing that can be said for sure is that they were using too much water. Not necessarily that pre-IC is too much. Without knowing what nozzle they had before, no conclusion can be made. Snow says no, Aquamist says yes, DO says no more than an M2, AIS says the sky is the limit, and make comments about the m1 or m2 being not enough. If the pre-IC or pre-turbo nozzle was an m1, then the implications would be much different than an M15
They're probably thinking of injection purely on a theoretical basis and coming to the conclusion that 100% water will take out the most heat etc etc.

Now they realize that too much water means = bog and puke. Without knowing how much they're injecting with how much pressure it's pointless to speculate but they sure did find the limit on their current setup.

PreTurbo and PreIC when done correctly have benefits, when done the Incredible Hulk style of injection, Hulk Make Bad!!!!

Julio, you should send them a triple nozzle setup with pure Meth and consider it a marketing expense and watch it add 5-10% more power.