connleys mini mag?


just a 10th quicker
Apr 24, 2005
Just curious I've had my 86 t-top GN for about year and 1/2 now and finally installed the chip and 160 thermastat. I also found on the site what a Hot wire kit does so I built/made one and Holy Bejesus what a diffrence! :eek: Anyway boost gauge is now showing @18psi is this correct with the Connleys Mini Mag chip? Car runs great and seems to even idle smoother (may be my imagination). Im hooked what should I look into next? I've been told fuel pump but that is a given. Reccomendations gladly taken!!! :biggrin:
You need a scantool like scanmaster or at least a knock gauge.
18psi on 93 octane might be why to much.
I would drop down to 15psi until I could afford something to monitor knock.