console& pillar pods


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May 24, 2001
I have 1 console pod (blue in color)-----10.00
i have 2 single gauge pillar pods (grey)--------5.00 each
they are fair shape NOT NEW

all parts do not include shipping.
do have paypal but only use personal acct.

the pics can be seen at my cardomain site sorry.
the console pod has a small hole for a light in the middle of the pod i forgot to put that in.
single gauge pod

I will take one of the single gauge pods in gray. I can paypal you. Or however you prefer. Thanks
gauge pod

thanks for the quick reply. I am sending you a money order. Paypal denied. Thanks for the quick pm replies.
I would like one of your pillar pods and possibly the center console holder as well. The two pillar holers appear to be different shades of grey? Are they the correct color for a GN? Would you go $17 shipped on the pilar pod and the console pod? I can pay imeadietly with paypal.