convertor questions...



I'm looking for a new convertor for my combo. Currently I'm running a stock style 2800 stall, TA49, blue tops, and all other usual mods. I'm considering going to a front mount, 50# injectors, and a PT52. I'm not sure whether I'm gonna go LU or Non-LU. Any help would be great. This car is mainly a second car with little street use but I want it to remain very streetable and a great track performing car. Thanks for the help.

Matt Morrison
to lock or not to lock :)

I've heard alot of good things about the 9x11 but was wondering if the LU is a good way to go on the street. Could you give me pros and cons for a car thats driven on the street as opposed to a strip only car.


Matt Morrison

Lock up

Pro's........ Drivability.... and not much but economy and cruise ease on motor.

cons well there isnt any if unlocked , maybe a little weight.

Non lock up...
Pro can be made to make car as fast as possible but drivability is usually sacrificed Track only
cons......drivability and heat is just a touch more not a mattering factor

Hope this helps