convertor swap ?? Question for Bruce


johnny boost
Aug 15, 2001
I had planned on purchasing a 9X11 convertor. I currently have an opened up D5 that was supposedly a 3000 stall. At 3psi I'm at 2400 rpm's which is FAR OFF from 3000 rpm. With drag radials its stalls about 2700 rpm (5-6 psi) via scanmaster 2. However, I'm looking for a convertor that comes up quick and not 8 seconds later, during a launch. If I decide to purchase a 9X11 (3000-3200 stall) will it stall at 3000 with 0-1 # of boost? If not do I need to jump up to a 3200 stall to get 0-1 psi @ 3000 rpm's? TIA..

87GN, pt51, v4, 009's THDP, stock heads, billet tranny internals from Bruce :) ..
We will sit down and discuss exactly what and how you want it to function. Send in a tech sheet off site ( leaving numbers when and where you can be reached) and I will get in touch with you. At that point , you and I will discuss what your target is and what PTS can do to get you there. If you are looking for a specific combo it could take more than one adjustment , just depends on how "dead on" you want it , and what combo you are looking for. Ask any talented converter builder,
They will tell you the same...:)

I will send ya an e-mail.. One of the local guys is also interested in that convertor..

Mike Banas