convertor ?


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I'm running a stock turbo and plan on upgrading to a TE44 later and a stretched intercooler. What would be the best move right now, a convertor or turbo. I ran the car last week and with 5 lbs of boost off the line I only had a 1.94 60' time and ran only a 8.65 1/8 mile at 78 mph. With my last GN I ran 8.20's with a 1.86 60' at like 83 mph. The only difference between the two as far as mods is a dutt neck on the intercooler on the 8.20 car and a cam in the 8.6 car.

I want to start upgrading but want to go in the right direction.
Tires were BF Goodrich drag radials

A good chip is something else that I probably need. I had a Jay Carter chip in my last car, not sure whats in this car. That brings another ?, who is selling the best chip now??

Need HELP??
I have installed a Vigilante "O-pump" 5 disk lock-up converter in my near stock car in preparation for a TE61 I am installing tonight as a matter of fact.... I love the big stall on the stock turbo..... I cut a 1.81 60' on stock suspension 26x10.5 ET streets last friday night leaving on 10 # boost :eek: I probably could cut a better 60' and a better 1/8 mile ET if I could get away with more boost..... was running about 12-13 psi.... because of stock chip timing... and stock everything else.... times and mods are in the sig. I hope to go up to maybe 16 psi with the 61 on pump gas and reduced timing..... (19 maybe)