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What's An Intercooler
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May 26, 2001
i have a question and im buying a turbo soon. you say u can use the stock compresser housing. well if u put the internals of a ta-64 and use that housing isnt that going to take alot of power out of the turbo? also wouldnt the person have to bore out the stock hosing to fit the parts. i might have my stocker lieing around but not sure. can persion put one on there for me how much would i lose. i think it would be easer this way but i want to get the power. i have a buddy that can make a piece that fits the turbo and intake adapter type deal. well what do u think

Here's what I've heard. Don't know how much is true or not. I've been told that the hotair compressor housing will hit a wall where no matter what you stuff into it it won't make any more power. If you're not worried about adapting a bigger compressor housing on your car then get the biggest you can. My 64 is in a stock 87 housing but it required a billet backing plate. There's no way it could fit in the 84 housing. One of the first upgrades I'm doing is to go with a TE series housing. Only reason I used the 87 housing was I hadn't relocated the TB at the time and I needed something for it to bolt to.

I would definately go with the bigger compressor housing as long as you can make it work. It's free hp.
The only reason you hit a wall is if you remain with a stock turbine size but if you run a bigger turbine in the turbo you get past the wall because the gases can escape........or you can clip the Turbine blades there for keeping the same size turbine and letting the gases get out. This should help alittle... either one will give you more power. The characteristics of the turbo will change for sure with going with a larger Turbine like a .82, im not sure about clipping though.