cooling issue


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If my car was sitting and hasn't been ran for 6 months, would the thermostat need replaced. I'm pretty sure it is sticking. My temp got to 210 yesterday and the upper rad hose was still pressurized. In a stock car, what temp should the fan come on?
Are you sure the water/coolant is topped off?
Stock fan comes on at 195 I THINK, certainly before 210.
coolant is topped off and overflow is at full level. 160 t-stat is definetly not opening at 160. I just wanted to make sure that is it before buying one.
Where do you live? Was it hotter than hell outside?

I have a 160 in my car with dual puller fans sucking through it. When the temps around here hit 90+ degrees I saw my temps hit 210 sitting in traffic with the AC on max. If there is no way to get cooler air (read that, sitting on a blacktop road with road temps above 120 degrees in a black car running the AC with other hot cars sitting all around you) then the car will run hotter.
PA/MD line. Outside temps were 85+ and it only did it sitting still but cruising 65 mph the engine temp was still about 190. My a/c was not on either and I don't have a front mount. I'm going to test the t-stat to see if it is opening at 160.