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Since the "search" function has not worked for (4) days, I need to ask....I just removed my old exhaust and the down pipe to test pipe was a metal to metal connection. Upon installing my new exhaust, should I use a bead of the copper sealant?? OR just reinstall metal to metal?? Thanks!
I used the sealant. But I belt sanded my new RJC flange to fit perfectly flat after welding it. Took about 10 times to get it that way. I would try sliding a feeler gage around the whole housing.
Excellent advise. Thank you! I have cleaned the flanges with a wire wheel. The connection was leak free, but I will check with a feeler gauge, and use the copper sealant.
Use a bunch of antisieze. That is what I use to seal the downpipe to the turbo exhaust housing. Seals good and you can take it apart later.
Post pic of what you're trying to seal

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I am going to use a stepped band clamp with some ultra copper to seal the down pipe to test pipe on the next go around.
If you're using a conventional muffler clamp, slitting the test pipe in 2 or 4 places helps get enough compression to hold everything tight without deforming the pipes plus adding some ultra copper seems to help.
Post pic of what you're trying to seal

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This flange bolts to my down pipe. It was a metal to metal connection when I took it apart. I was kid of expecting a high temp gasket, like a cat converter would use. It did not leak, and I want to be sure it continues to not leak.