Could Buick Made a New Regal Grand National?

I could not be a grand national since they do not own that name and cannot use it. It would likely be a "GNX". I do not want to get into the "blasphemy" of using that name. It is the one they own
Obviously they COULD build one, they can build almost anything they want. The better is question is "WILL they build it?" Probably not, because GM will most likely continue to let Chevrolet have the muscle market all to itself. Doesn't matter that the GN/T-Types, much like their older brother the GS, were better cars than the Monte Carlo and Chevelle: GM sold more Chevrolets than they did Buicks in that segment. I would love to see Buick get to play with either the F-body or the new CTS coupe platform but I'm not holding my breath.
well the speak about a twin turbo 300 horse motor in the article.....

"More importantly, is Buick’s twin-turbo V6. Making well over 300hp, the twin-screw six-banger has all the potency to put out closer to 400 horse while retaining all the top-tier fuel mileage and driveability as any of those other sedans and coupes built across the pond"
I dont care if its a GS, GN, X or whatever it just needs to run good IMO and be AWD or RWD. Its Buick Power either way
They wont make it.. Twin Turbos will effect the bottom line at obama motors. You can get 300hp out of a normal engine these days Or even a single turbo

Sounds like someone at GM is dreaming :rolleyes: