couple more question


Jun 7, 2001
still haven't got the start problem fixed. but while i was looking around i noticed that the map was hooked to the heater valve :frown: . found where the map goes (just below turbo) so what hooks to the heater valve? sometimes the car want turn over, likes its in gear. no click or nothin. it'll boost off. brand new battery. checked connections, i have the engine ground going from the ex. manifold to firewall.
think i figured it out, had the line running from p/s a/c box going to map port and heater valve going to map. so i swapped them out, car sounds like its running smoother too.
that the same if I have the 87 ecm?

Yes, it does not even connect to the ecm at all, year does not matter. Maybe some of the others will chime in about your problem, does your starter crank, maybe it's going bad ?
he says the car sounds like its running smoother so im guessing its up in running. as far as the MAP its not used on our motors except for the gauge on the dash.
yea its running, been running. drove the car to sonic 2 sundays ago and it wouldn't start when I got ready to leave, no click no nothing. so I checked the cables which the pos is new neg looked good. tighten up the pos alittle. chargd battery to make sure it was charged up. pulled the car out to clean it up, cleaned it up, got in the car to go to sonic last sunday and :( . went out today and its cranking now. so the problem is intermitent.