couple of intake questions


Looks slow, goes fast!
I'm going to install a set of Champion ported irons and was wondering if there is anyone who ports the oem intake who will leave the egr passage in place?

Also, how much of a restriction would an unported intake be with ported heads? I also have a stock unported throttle body with a power plate.

What I'm getting at is that I want to improve performance and still pass emissions once a year(removable cat.)
You do know that Champion pours aluminum into the EGR holes on their ported heads, rendering them non-functional? I have heard people talk about drilling them back out with a small bit to retain the EGR function; never seen anybody do it.

If you put ported heads on, you should at least do the intake runners. You can do it yourself if you're careful; it's not really rocket science. Match the gaskets you're going to use, square up the ports and open them up as much as you can to keep a constant cross-section.
So, I guess my next question would be: can I pass emissions(HC,CO,NOX) without a functioning EGR system? I have stock cam, removable cat., blue tops.