couple of questions


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Jun 11, 2001
Hi guys is there any parts suppliers north of the border, I'm looking for mild upgrades for my '84 GN. would like to keep it mostly stock, any suggestions?
Next I know that they produced a total of 2000 GNs in 84 but is there a break down as to how many were made for export to Canada. Is there any differences bettween the US model and the Canadian one aside from the speedometer reading in kms wrather miles on the US cars.
Thanks in advance,Guy
PS going buggy up here waiting for spring,still got 3 feet of snow and more coming!
I only know of two guys,
Ken at National Performance 905-707-8313
and Pete at High Tech racing 905-856-5858

I don't know what kind of stuff you can get for the 84.
You may get more responses on the Can/American specs if you post in the tech section. This area doesnt get a lot of traffic