CPT60BB alone = 4 mph!!


Jul 9, 2002
Guy's on my Bone Stock BPU car, adding JUST the Turbo, netted me a Solid Average of 4mph from 107 to 111(see before((last year)) and after slips below, identical weather), this is with a Bone Stock Downpipe and Intercooler at 22-23PSI with 23/21 timing Zero to Very Little knk. Even MORE interesting is that my '60 time stayed identical, I leave real EASY at @ -1 to 2psiMAX do mainly very lite burnout's and I have 17" 245 Nitto's, even on the street the Spoolup time is Exactly the same as Stock....

Yes, car's clean. Speaking of the pics tho....was the car repainted because I would think the fire wall should be white. :confused:
firewall is the color of the car ..maybe the white one is just for his avatar:confused:
Guy's Car is Cream Beige, it was at RC Open house back in Oct., right up front....btw. those passes were through the Full Exhaust...no cat obiously, just a straight pipe...
His cars Cream Beige, seen it in person. That turbo sheild looks pretty Brian :D
Good Question? Are all the '86's Black? Car came from Original owner, and there's Never been any paintwork...
Not sure but for what its worth my gold 86 T had a black fire wall also. When restoring it I scrapped the fire wall to find out if it had been repainted and there was gold paint underneath and there wasent.