Black 87 T with WO2


Don't need to sell, but if there is interest near my asking price maybe it is time...

What I have is a car with a pretty uncommon combination of color, trim, interior, and options. This is one of the few black, chrome-bumpered 87 Ts with WO2 blackout trim that made it out the door prior to the WE4 coming onto the scene. Dennis Kirban gives the history in pgs. 63 - 66 of his TR buyer's guide. Basically, you could order this car in 1986 between sometime in August until November 13th. The combo was then restricted with the advent of the WE4 so there couldn't be two black Ts with WO2. Tire pressure label indicates the car was built 9/86.

A few other things make this car even more unique; it was ordered with burgundy interior (most black cars were likely grey) and is equipped with almost no options. In fact, ironically, it is optioned more in the spirit of a WE4 than most WE4s are (i.e. loaded). This car is a true lightweight, no power options whatsoever. Only options of note are tilt, buckets/console, and a rear defogger. It was actually ordered with the single track rear to get the aluminum drums and a posi swapped in later.

Basic Details

Mileage: Just turned over 38,000
Paint: Original in good/better than average condition (needs good polishing)
Body: 100% rust-free, some minor parking lot dings, no other apparent damage
Interior: Perfect (ZERO fading) and original except for floor mats and headliner (replaced two years ago with molded ABS type)
Drivetrain: Original engine, trans, & rear never damaged or opened (except for fluids/filters, etc.)
Mods (by original owner): CAI, Reds 93 chip, 009s, TE50, THDP, ATR 3" X-flow, posi (Eaton?)
Minor mods by me: NOS GM front frame braces, Kirban rear seat braces, Autometer boost gauge, Casper's knock gauge, Scanmaster, DL loop
Operation: Starts on first crank, runs mint, no hesitations or tranny slips

I've owned for ~5 years. Always in very conservative tune, taken to T-n-T at the strip maybe half a dozen times. Best runs ever were high 12s @ ~107.

Price: $14,000

If interested, PM for more details.




U need a few more photos of the interior, motor, etc... Very sweet ride tho. I like that color combo.
Yeah it is, I expected to see a we4 when I opened that up. Same color combo keith has his car. I thought it was kinda goofy, what was I thinkin:rolleyes:
If anyone is interested in this car, they won't be disappointed. It is a beautiful car in amazing condition. Jeff takes impeccable care of everything he owns and the T is no exception. There will be no disappointments from this purchase. Good luck with the sale Jeff, I know you will miss it when it is gone.;)