Craig Smith, does this look normal?


In front of your regal
EUGOR 3.08v
UEGOS 0.10v
UEGO 4.98v

This is with key on engine off.

With the motor running, the other 2 moved around slightly but UEGOS only went to 0.47v

Does this look normal for UEGOS?

I turned the 02 off last night and slowly ran it up to 4000 and started to notice a small but consistant miss, and it only got worse to 5500. I did notice that actual 02 was good, 11-12 A/F. I think it is time to dig deeper and do a leek down, check springs, and just put the solid cam in while I'm at it. What do you think about that UEGOS reading?
Those readings look good to me. If you are free revving it though you might try leaning it down a bit. You shouldn't need a lot of fuel in the high vacuum / high RPM area.