Crank position sensor setup?


Aug 7, 2001
I have been around cars for a while but ever played with a DIS motor. I tore down my 85 GN motor to clean it up a bit and upon reassembling, I forgot how to set the Crank Sensor.:eek: If you look at the sensor it has two parts to it that look like it runs on the pick-up on the crank. I was wondering which "part" goes around the crank pickup? Is there any specific depth that you need to set these at or just set them so it does not rub on the pick-up? Should dielectric grease be applied to the sensor head? Please help, I dont want to mess anything up!


Spank :D
it goes like this, BRACKET))interuptor ring)
in other words, it goes in the farthest slot possible. If you have to set it at a certain depth, then thats probably why I cant get mine to start. There are two bolt spots and one "rod" thing that all make it so its in line if I'm not mistaken. Good luck. I dont know anything about electrical grease.
i wouldn't put any grease on it,but you do have to set it properly.i like to use the highly scientific "masking tape" method:D.

1:clean off the interruptor ring so tape will stick to it.leave the sensor loose so it can move around.

2:apply 3-4 pieces of masking tape to the edge of the interruptor ring,one on top of the other.

3:rotate the engine by hand until the tape is inside the sensor.adjust the sensor so it is just touching the tape,but you can still rotate the interruptor ring out.tighten the sensor.

4:rotate the engine by hand until the taped part comes out of the sensor.remove the tape.

5:rotate the engine all the way around ensuring the inerruptor ring isn't contacting the now have the proper clearance between the interruptor and the sensor:).

and make sure the interruptor ring passes between the plastic thingy and the metal thingy,not both of the metal thingys:).

as far as the "depth", I don't think that's adjustable?

As for MY "scientific" approach to setting the spacing, I just slide it back and forth about 900 times to get a visual and a "feel for it...then on the 901st try, I slide it half-way, and tighten it down! Haven't had it touch yet!
I am liking that everybody has a "scientific method" for installing the crank sensor. :D This makes me feel "all warm and fuzzy" inside! ;) I will give it a try and see how it goes. Thanks for all the help guys... until the next time.....

I have no idea

ive never done it so i cant be of help here. had the major buick builder do mine. he used some kinda electric setter