Crank sensor check


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Guys whats the easiest way to tell if your crank sensor is toast other than look see....?
Voltmeter probed to the wires ? What voltage to look for ?
If you've got spark and fuel the cam and crank sensors are ok. The cam sensor could be off but it has to be working to get fuel.
probe the "B" wire (center wire on the plug connector) with the positive wire of a voltmeter, and ground the negative voltmeter wire.

Take 2 readings (Ignition on):

one with the sensor facing a vane on the trigger wheel,
one with the sensor facing "air"

I'm not sure which will be which, but ONE test should show from 9-11 volts, the other test should show about 1/2 volt.

If you get no voltage variation, the sensor may be bad.

If you get no voltage, your not getting power to the sensor.
Thanks a lot guys....

Just going over everything here with a fine tooth comb to ensure nothing is missed.
Got a ECM comming my way (thanks nocooler) so I will try that and see.

Anyone know the exact demensions of our cars...see I am digging this hole in my yard in case nothing else works to get it running......I dont wanna dig any deeper than I have to !;)