crank sensor

Here's a pic of it from underneath.
(I borrowed this pic from another website)

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the Vortex web site says this about the Crank sensor, which is not correct:
Crank Sensor

Remembering that our cars have a waste spark system where three coils each serve two cylinders so that one coil is firing one cylinder on the ignition cycle while firing another cylinder on the exhaust stroke.....the crank sensor is triggered by the three blades on the back of the damper that pass thru the air gap on the sensor. As stated above, without the the Cam Sensor, the ecm would not know how to locate the proper cylinder to fire as the crank sensor alone cannot determine which is cylinder #6 to synch ignition and fuel.

Therefore, a broken crank sensor will eliminate the spark, but, not the injector pulse.

One of the most common failures that causes the engine to die and refuse to restart is a broken crank sensor bracket, and more rarely, a bad sensor.

It is extremely important that the air gap is correct on all three blades of the damper. Otherwise erratic engine performance may result.

a bad Crank sensor will result in no spark or injector pulse.