crossover pipe cracked


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May 26, 2001
My cross over pipe is cracked, Im going to buy a new one. Which one should i get? stainless steel or postons two piece that is themal coated, need some opinions
I used the Poston's two piece and it installed ok except that they gave me the wrong bolts to use, might want to mention that if you order theirs. I used orange high temp gasket sealer at the connection.
I'm using an ATR stainless steel crossover pipe made for stock manifolds and it fits and works ok...I guess a pipe is a pipe...:rolleyes:
'Bye, Claude.:)
I'd seek out a one-piece pipe if it was me looking. Lots of threads about the slip-fit/clamp-fit on the 2 piece requiring welding to repair. Unless you're running enormouse power, the sensus is that a 2 1/2" crossover will cost you bottom end throttle response, but flow better of course at the top end. When mine goes South, I'll be looking for a 2 1/4" SS one piecer.
Here's what I tried.

I got the Poston's two-piece, because I didn't want to take the chance of putting a twisting stress on the headers, which my single piece seemed to do.

I loosely assembled the crossover (cause I wanted to cinch down the connections to the headers first), after putting muffler sealer (ceramic like stuff) on the inside of where the pipes join. I then clamped the pieces with a stainless strap clamp, that I gobbed a bunch of sealer on. I then clamped it down, until I could see the indentation of the two pipes through the stainless clamp. I got the 2 1/2" clamp from Summit.

That was over 3 years ago, the pipe looks new leaks yet! :)