Cruise in & race Gainesville 8 Sept.


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May 23, 2001
Gainesville Raceway is having a cruise-in, car show, and race Sept. 8th. I think this would be a good event to bring out the Northeast FL TRs...

The gates open at 4 PM and it's usually around $10 to watch/show, $15-20 to run (I haven't verified the costs for this specific event). Let's bring out some Buick muscle for this!
Im up for this a NEFL GN club outing??? Man, i gotta get some slicks. If i cant find tires im all for the show/watch. Will we leave together from Jax??? If so what time/place/etc???
Keep me posted. Jason
I might run the old turbo t if we get enough people to show up.I want an 11 second timeslip.
Originally posted by Vader 87
Im up for this a NEFL GN club outing??? Man, i gotta get some slicks. If i cant find tires im all for the show/watch. Will we leave together from Jax??? If so what time/place/etc???
Keep me posted. Jason

We have met in the past down in M'burg at the Hardees and cruised down as a group...I will be flying back from California that Sat. morning so I'll leave the organization up to Dan and the rest of you, but I think that'd be a great idea.
im there

ill be there, not sure if i will run yet need to test and tune. i think it would be great if we could meet and drive down together. i met a guy with a 86 t-type ill ask him if he wants to come. keep me posted.

hot 84
DAMMIT MAN!!!!!! The race/meeting is less than 2 weeks away and my trans is fried!!!!!! :mad: :mad: I'll see what I can do to get it done and ready for the event and hopefully race it then. I'll run it if the trans is built. Car runs good though. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me for goodluck.
Ok, .....Kendall mentioned meeting at a Hardees in Middleburg. Lets go ahead and set this up so everybody can be planned and ready to go.....i dont want this to be a "bust" so lets get some plans rolling. Anybody have some suggestions??? Maybe meet a little early and eat then head down/etc. Keep me posted.


P.S. Will you want to meet at my house and ride to M'burg together???
Nope, Nada, Negative..... Still waiting on my turn.

Even if it was running, I could not go, I have duty that weekend and I will stay in Pensacola. I always have something to do when something cool is going on.

I did manage to attain a poly motor mount and braided oil return line for it. Does anybody need a motor tie down strap. Excellent condition..$20.
Well Kendall, the car is finally together, and we'll try to make it up there. I know I've said this before, but this time we gotta go:D

BTW, you know anyone that'll be up there that can finish tuning our Speed-Pro?? We were set to meet Cal in Orlando next week, but we cant bother him now to due his recent incident. Him recovering is more important than helping us, but we have to do it nonetheless. So you guys know anyone??
hey guys, sorry for being away, navy life as usual....but i am planning on going to the meet....and YES lets all meet at the hardies....that sounds fine....i am going to try to get my slicks setup as well so maybe i too can run an 11...lets hope its cooler/dryer/higher barometer than most nites!
i will email everyone on my email list...i see some new nicknames posting in this thread...hot84? if i do not have you on my list please email me so i can add you...please include your name, location, and phone #'s
Dan, you can count us in if we can find someone to finish tuning the Speed-Pro in our car, if not, then we still might make a trip up and run the car the way it is. Hope to see ya there
Will, they seem a little confused or unorganized....they keep talking about the top ten......well, wheres the list?
Go to the site and click on top dawgs then at the top of the page it will say fastest cars or something like that.It is right up under the thing were it says jax racing logo.
Alot of them guys from the jax board or going to gainsville the 7th for that friday night street drags.
This Sux Ass, i am on duty as of right now for saturday the 8th!!!!!
i guess being the new guy in the squadron allows me to be the bitch :p
sorry fellas, but i dont think i can go to the the track, which really kills me cause i was gonna be setup with the new DS loop, and LT1 valve springs....perfect for running slicks/gas/chip and 11s!!!!!!
oh well, save it for another weekend.....
hope you guys have fun....
and btw, i am going to try to make it to the car show in manderin at the food lion if i get off watch in time......
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If possible, for those planning on going to either the carshow/races in gainesville, or the car show in manderin...please respond so i can get an idea of who's going where....

again the meeting place for gainesville (unless not enough people go) is 4 pm at hardees in middleburg

and the car show in manderin is at the intersection of racetrack road and san jose (south of I-295) usually around 5 pm

and yet again as the navy would have it, i am not going to be able to attend either events now....MAN! i love my job!
oh well :)
Dan Boden
I might not run. But I will be their if I don't see no rain in the forecast.At hardees.