"Cruisin For A Cause" Lincolnton NC


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Please come out for "Cruisin for a Cause" in Lincolnton NC August 22th from 5pm to 10pm. You can cruise like old times around the court house square and through town to help raise money for 4 local charities, Hesed house homeless shelter, Amy's house domestic violence coalition, Relay for life, and coalition against child abuse. This will be the 5th year and the event continues to grow each year. We had around 400 cars last year and multiple car clubs are showing up, including Carolina Superstangs, local corvette club, and Zeus Performance. Cruising cost are $5 and cruising and parking are $15. My name is Jeremy Shields, I am on the board for Cruisin for a Cause and would love for any Grand Nationals , T Types, or any cars, trucks, or motorcycles to come out and help support this event while enjoying cruising like its supposed to be. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I plan to have my 87 GN there.

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Saturday weather is looking good, high of 87, 0 percent chance of rain. Please come out to support this event!!

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