Custom Billet Wide Journal On Center Rods Interest for $650-$800? (Gauging Interest)


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Hey Guys,

I am gauging the public's interest in having some custom billet 4340 steel On center, wide journal, h-beam, rods made in probably a 6.3" length rod.

These rods would cost anywhere between $650-$800 (I already requested a pricing quote) per set.

These rods would be the On-center version of our custom billet Off center h-beam wide journal rods.

Just this past week I was at Duttweiler's shop and showed him the billet Off center rods that we had made. Not only did he say he really liked the rods, but when I told them that they were for my build that is shooting for 1,500-1,600hp he said that these rods would do just fine, and said that I could quote him saying that they "Should be adequate" because if you detonate at that level, you will break any company's rods/parts, so because that can happen with a bad tuner doing the tuning, he told me I had to phrase it like that :p

I tell you that story so that you know that one of the all-time Buick builders have looked at these rods and given them the go-ahead for 1500hp+ engines. The On center rods I want to make would be even stronger!

Last time it took about 12-14 weeks for the rods to be made. a 50% deposit is required up front, and the other 50% required when the rods arrive.

I believe we will have to order anywhere from 5-7 sets of these rods. How many people would be interested in a set of these rods if the cost was $650-$800/set?

For any questions, please call me at 707 362 6030 or email me at

Thank you,

PS- The LARGER rod in the pics I attached are the current Off center billet rods I showed to Duttweiler.


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