custom ignition module harness for sale


elbows & a$$holes
Mar 31, 2006
this is all you need (electrically) to convert to the 87 turbobuick ignition module. simply color match and splice-in to the ignition module wires on your hot-air harness,... and you can plug right in to the 87 ignition module, and, the hot-wire relay kit is already built into it that fixes the 84-86 small guage factory pink wire. i will also include the pos battery bolt (not pictured).
the cam and crank sensor is also already built into it. very easy to install.

if you bought the adapter piece and the relay kit seperate from caspers (if its still available.... it'd be well over a $100. how about $30 shipped to the lower 48.

also have a powdercoated 2 groove (not 3) water pump pulley for a 84/85 hot air. $20 shipped to lower 48

also have a turbo to intake adapter. $20 shipped to lower 48